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Exerb Project
$Date: 2007/06/18 12:01:44 $
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Exerb is the software which converts scripts/extension-libraries of the object oriented language Ruby into a Windows executable file which can execute alone and independently.



The latest version is 4.2.0(stable).
If you want the old version, you can download from Archive.




The latest source code can be checked out from CVS repository with the following instruction set.

$ cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.jp:/cvsroot/exerb login
$ cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.jp:/cvsroot/exerb co exerb


Q1. How do I pronounce 'Exerb'?
A1. Lots of Japanese people pronounce it 'eguzerbu' or 'iguzerbu' with special thanks to Mr. Sugimushi on ruby-list. It is named by him.
Q2. Is Exerb executable only on Windows?
A2. No. Exerb itself is executable on any plathome with Ruby.
Q3. Can I execute a executalbe file (.exe) only on Windows?
A3. Yes. You can execute it on Windows with Win32API.
Q4. Is it need any compiler to make Exerb executable file?
A4. No. You can make it only with Exerb and Ruby.
Q5. Which tool is need to compile Exerb core?
A5. To compile Exerb core, you need Microsoft VisualC++ 6.0. But you can use the core included without any compiler.
Q6. Can I distribute executable files made by Exerb with license free?
A6. Yes. You can distribute executable files made by Exerb with license free, but Exerb itself must be distributed with LGPL License.
Q7. I can't execute executable file made by Exerb.
A7. You should better execute your script file on Ruby for mswin32. But when you can't execute executable file, please send your script source code (It must be simplized code as possible as you can.) to 'yuyakato@gmail.com'.
Q8. How can I create definition file (.rbc) automaticaly?
A8. You can create it automaticaly by this way, but it is not a perfect way. When your script file is 'foo.rb', execute this command to create 'foo.rbc'.
$ ruby -r exerb/mkrbc foo.rb
The created file 'foo.rbc' will only have definitions for 'require' at Ruby executing.
Q9. What to do when I find bugs in Exerb?
A9. Please send to ML, Bug tracking system or 'yuyakato@gmail.com' any information of the scene or the way bugs appear again.
Q10. I want to join Exerb developers. How do I do?
A10. You are a member of Exerb project when you join to exerb-developer ML. :-)
Q11. (...)
A11. (...)
Q12. The error message "Fail to modify the import table. exe file name is too long." has appeared.
A12. This message means that the exe file name must be written in 17 characters.

Mailing List

There are two mailing lists. exerb-dev is the mailing-list to talk about Exerb in Japanese. exerb-eng is the mailing-list to talk about Exerb in English.

Member Registration:


You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the LGPL.


Yuya Kato <yuyakato@gmail.com>